1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Quan for HR and organizations

What value does Quan add to organizations?

Quan helps organizations gain a better understanding of their employees' well-being, and take appropriate steps to better support individual and team efforts towards improved well-being.

The two main ways in which Quan does this is by:

Making & measuring impact

  • Providing well-being data to help you select the most relevant interventions for your organization.
  • Raising  self-awareness and guiding your team  to the best interventions for them. 
  • Uncovering well-being trends over time and measuring the true impact and ROI of your company interventions and well-being initiatives.

Enabling leadership

  •  Identifying well-being “blindspots”, allowing leadership to address underlying problems and consider concrete ways to improve the way work is done. 
  • Providing leaders with toolkits to address well-being & take effective action
  •  Empowering leaders to prioritize their own personal well-being in a time-effective way, and thus be able to better lead by example.  

Quan also enables organizations to collect and analyze aggregate employee well-being data in a way that complies with the strictest data-privacy regulations. This permits a company to measure employee well-being and the ROI of the company's well-being initiatives, as well as provide meaningful input for improving and/or introducing new HR policies or ways of working.

Quan also provides organizational results in the form of an organizational report. These organizational results are available as soon as a minimum of one team in your organization completes the well-being assessment. These results allow you to:

  1. Recognise what works well and what needs attention
  2. See how your organization is doing across the three well-being contexts: in general, work life, and personal life. For example, maybe your employees score high on stress levels, but  in their personal lives  rather than their work lives, or vice versa. 

  3. Identify how your teams compare in terms of their well-being index
  4. Explore a detailed overview of your organization’s well-being, As an HR manager or a CEO, you will know exactly what topics to address with your managers. 

For example: based on the screenshot below, it might be worth having a conversation with the Facilities team manager to ask what  might be causing burnout amongst team members. Or to have a conversation with the Engineering team members, and ask why their Mindfulness at work is so high. Whatever they are doing is working well!

Team Leads and Admins have access to the Quan Community on Slack where they will be able to communicate with our Support and Customer Success teams in your private company channel. You also get the chance to share and learn best practices with peers in our curated public channels.