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How to read organizational results?

Here we will walk you through how to read and interpret your organization’s well-being results.

The first section of your organization’s results allows you to see:

The second section of your organization’s results provides a summary of your organization’s well-being. Here you can explore what is going well in terms of well-being in your organization, and what needs attention. This also includes the top well-being strengths and top well-being risks in your organization. 

The third section of your organization’s results gives you an overview of how your organization is doing across the three well-being contexts (at work, in personal life, in general).

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The fourth section allows you to identify how your teams compare in terms of their well-being index

The fifth and final section of your organization’s results presents you with a detailed and dynamic overview of all company’s scores. This table shows you your organization’s results across all five dimensions (body, mind, meaning, self-fulfillment, social connectedness), and across all 45 sub-dimensions. You will also be able to see:

  • The total amount of employees on the Quan platform, and how many of these employees have completed Quan’s Smart Well-being Assessment 
  • Your average organizational well-being index
  • How many teams have completed Quan’s Smart Well-being Assessment, the number of employees in each team, and how many of these employees have completed the assessment
  • Each team’s individual well-being index

Your organization’s well-being results will range from critical ( orange) to strong (blue). Contrary to individual results, your organization’s detailed overview table provides you with numerical values (between 0-6) that show: 

  • An average organizational score for each dimension/sub-dimension
  • An average team score for each dimension/sub-dimension

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Finally, you will also get the chance to compare your organization’s results with your previous cycle. Just click on ‘previous results’ to see the changes! 

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