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What is Quan’s Smart Well-being Assessment?

Well-being is complex. Here is how we see it.

What comes to mind when you think of  well-being? Most likely, you think of mental health, a healthy diet, and a balance between your work and personal life. And you are absolutely right - these are all aspects that contribute towards your well-being. Yet, well-being is much more complex. It has many facets you might not immediately associate, such as concentration, creativity, meaningful contribution, burnout, etc. There are over 40 areas of well-being that Quan dives into, and over 200+ drivers determining why certain areas of your well-being are doing better than others.

We took 2 years to fine-tune our holistic well-being framework that quantifies, structures and makes well-being easy to understand. Additionally, our holistic well-being framework makes well-being easy to improve. Read more about our approach here. It all starts with our Smart Well-being Assessment. Here are three must-knows: 

  1. It only takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. We recommend doing it in one sitting and in a quiet place, where no one will disturb you. 
  2. It is holistic. This means it measures well-being across three different contexts. You will answer questions about your personal life, your work life, and some general questions to better understand the current state of your well-being.
  3. It is smart. This means that with each answer you give, it narrows down the focus of your results to your 3 lowest scoring areas of well-being. Out of these 3 lowest scoring areas, you will choose one, and be asked a series of follow-up questions relating to your chosen focus. 

Your individual well-being results will be available to you as soon as you complete your well-being assessment. 

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