1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Getting started with Quan

Recommendations for completing Quan's Holistic Well-being Assessment

Quan recommends completing the assessment within 2 weeks of activating your Quan account. Why? Because well-being is not static.

Well-being fluctuates as our context and environment changes. Therefore, it is more meaningful as a metric when most employees complete the assessment within the same time frame (2 weeks). But we know life also happens, so if an employee is on leave or vacation, that’s okay. The results will update automatically whenever they complete the assessment.

Each team has a 3 month window to complete their well-being assessment. It is recommended that you always strive for 100% of team members to complete the well-being assessment - the more representative the results are, the more informed your well-being decisions will be. 

If a new team member joins within these 3 months, let your HR know and they will add them to your team on the Quan platform. This new colleague is able to complete their well-being assessment and their results will be added to the aggregate team results as well for that cycle.