1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Getting started with Quan

Quan approach

At Quan, we believe that well-being is not a perk. We know one team building activity will not solve everything. Well-being is a journey. And Quan is your well-being partner.

How have you been taking care of the well-being of your team and/or organization? Is it based on anecdotal evidence and one-on-ones? How often do you have these conversations? Did you receive any training on having these well-being conversations? 

Here are the three most important things you need to know about the Quan approach:

  1. Your team/organization will go through 4 well-being cycles with Quan in one year. Each cycle lasts 3 months and will open simultaneously for all your teams (for example, March - May, June - August, etc.)  
  2. Each cycle consists of 2 phases. First, everyone in your organization completes the well-being assessment. Second, processing outcomes. Quan prepares well-being reports and suggests next steps to improve the well-being of your employees, teams, and your organization as a whole. It is up to you to implement these next steps.
  3. Quan suggests well-being interventions on three levels: individual, team, and organizational. The reason for this is that very often improving well-being requires a systematic approach. Improving individual well-being is impossible if the team context prevents that. Similarly, it might be difficult to improve a team’s well-being if the organizational context impedes it. 

Very often, your first well-being cycle helps introduce well-being data and well-being conversations into your team/organization. With each additional cycle, you will be able to compare your new results with the previous ones. Quan reports, in addition to knowledge of your organizational context (restructuring, hypergrowth, etc.), will give you a solid understanding of the well-being of your team/organization . Read here how Quan helps you enrich your employee metrics.