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When will my team results be available?

Your team results will be available after a minimum of 6 team members complete the well-being assessment.

Your team results are available once a minimum of 6 team members complete the well-being assessment. Team results are available to individual team members, team leads (TL’s), and HR Admins.

At Quan we value the privacy of our users, so all well-being data is aggregated and anonymized. Only individual employees can see their personal results. Click here to read our privacy policy

Team results are dynamic, meaning they update automatically as more people complete the assessment.  This provides real-time information about your team’s well-being.  Your team results provide you with information regarding your team's top well-being strengths and top well-being risks, which factors may be positively and negatively influencing your team’s well-being, and some immediate and targeted next steps to take to improve your team’s well-being. 

Important: Strive for 100% participation from your team when completing the well-being assessments to ensure the most representative picture of your team's well-being.. This will allow you to make  well-informed decisions about how to better support each other. If people seem hesitant, you can remind them that their results are completely anonymous.