1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Quan for Team Leads and teams

What value does Quan add to teams?

Quan enables teams to build a safe space to address well-being. This empowers your team to improve its team way of working, enhancing team levels of productivity and performance.

Our mission is to teach you how to place well-being at the heart of success at work. This entails learning how to break the cycle of employee burn-out as a necessary price of growth.

As soon as at least 6 people complete the well-being assessment, aggregated team results will be available on the platform, allowing you and your team to:

  1. Recognize their well-being strengths and risks. 

    Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 5.21.25 PMNote: There are over 40 areas of well-being that Quan analyzes, and over 200+ drivers determining why certain areas of your team’s well-being score higher or lower! We narrow it down to the top 3 and bottom 3 for you so you can focus on the areas where you can make the biggest impact and from which areas of strength you can draw to support your team’s journey.

  2. Take immediate and science-based next steps offered by Quan for improving your team well-being. These include exercises and quick actions tailored to your team results, specifically matched to the areas of well-being that most need your team’s attention.
    Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 5.22.37 PM

  3. Have more meaningful conversations about the team’s well-being based on relevant structured and dynamic data. As a manager you will feel more comfortable having these well-being conversations with this data at hand. It will also save you time, as you will no longer need to collect or rely on (only) anecdotal evidence. You will know each quarter if your team needs help with stress levels, with recovery, with creativity… and you will be able to find the necessary help where needed.

    Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 5.32.36 PM

Each manager has access to our Quan Community on Slack where they will be able to communicate with Quan in your private company channel. There you will also be able to share and learn best practices with peers in our curated public channels.