1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Getting started with Quan

The Quan Well-being Journey

To gain a better understanding of how your journey with Quan is structured, here are a few things to understand about your Quan Well-being Journey.

Every cycle at Quan lasts three months. You will have the opportunity to go through four cycles with Quan each year. 

  • Cycle 1 focuses on setting the foundation for well-being conversations on a team level, as a group and in 1:1s between you and your team members. 
  • Cycle 2 prepares you and your team to compare and understand your progress on well-being goals and better connect with your organization’s well-being ecosystem. 
  • Cycles 3+ aim to embed improvements to you and your team culture and ways of working further into the organizational culture

There are two main phases of Cycle 1

  • Everyone in your organization completes Quan's Smart Well-being Assessment
  • Now it’s time to process outcomes. Quan prepares well-being reports and suggests next steps to improve the well-being of your employees, teams, and your organization as a whole. Now you know some next steps you can take to improve your and your team’s well-being.

We recommend that each team has a Team well-being retro after receiving their team results.