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How your Quan Well-being Index is calculated

Here is what we mean by Well-being Index, and how we measure it.

Your Quan Well-being Index is an indicator of your well-being, your team’s well-being, and your organization’s well-being during each cycle, and how it changes over time. Think of it as a momentary snapshot of your well-being in general, incorporating areas such as mental and physical health, a sense of meaning and fulfilment, and social connectedness. 

Our Well-being Index is shown as a percentage score between 0% and 100%. Your individual score is calculated based on your answers in the assessment. Your team’s score is calculated by averaging your team members’ scores, and your organization’s score is calculated by averaging all teams' scores.  Please keep in mind that a score of 100% is almost impossible to achieve and a more realistic ideal score should be between 65-75%. Any result higher than 75% is considered a high well-being result.