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Your organization’s internal well-being interventions

How to use the mapping template and make sure your existing company well-being interventions are linked to the Quan well-being framework.

Your organization’s Internal Well-being Interventions are a list of all well-being initiatives your company already offers. This could be access to skills training, gym membership stipends, a company coach, free lunches, and any other benefit related to any aspect of well-being that is available to your employees. We ask you to provide the list to us so we are able to map them to the Quan well-being framework

Very often employees are simply not aware of the initiatives that your organization currently provides, and that might be one of the main reasons why you have low adoption rates for them.  We use the list of internal well-being interventions you provide us and add it to the Quan platform within our well-being framework. Once we’ve done that, your employees will be able to see which well-being interventions your company offers after they complete our well-being assessment, and apply for those that are relevant to them. Without any additional costs you will be able to improve the ROI of your existing well-being initiatives and re-evaluate those that are still not making the desired impact. Read more here.

Here is an example of how your company interventions look on the Quan platform:

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.42.29 PM

The template for your organization’s Internal Well-being Interventions can be found here