1. Well-Being Academy
  2. Getting started with Quan

What is Quan’s Well-being Academy?

Quan aims to be the worldwide leader in employee well-being. As a thought leader and innovator in that space, we want to support not only the users of our platform, but also educate the business world how to place well-being at the heart of success. Our Well-being Academy refers to all the learning and support content that we make available to our customers and users, such as our online knowledge base articles, videos, onboarding email flows, etc.

So why do we call it an “academy”? Because well-being is inherently a complex topic, and it takes time to internalize all the ways in which our habits, behaviours and interactions influence ourselves and those around us. You are on a learning journey with Quan, one in which we are all “students” of how well-being impacts our successes and struggles.