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What is my Focus Area?

Your Focus Area is chosen based on your lowest scoring areas of well-being.

At Quan we measure well-being across three contexts: in general, at work, and in your personal life. 

After completing the first part of the Smart Well-being Assessment, you will be asked to choose one of your three lowest scoring areas of well-being . These are called Focus Areas, and are the ones that require the most attention in terms of your well-being.  

You will then be asked a series of follow-up questions specifically tailored to your chosen focus area. This is the second part of the Smart Well-being Assessment. 

Once you receive your well-being insights, you will be presented with the “why “ behind your chosen focus area. For example,  what may be causing your uncertainty at work? These are called well-being Derailers

As well as receiving science-backed next step recommendations based on your lowest scoring subdimensions, you will also receive insights and recommendations based on your chosen focus area.