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What are well-being Derailers?

Derailers are factors that contribute negatively to your well-being.

At Quan we measure well-being:

a) across three contexts (general, personal life, work life)

b) across five dimensions (Body, Mind, Meaning, Social connectedness, and Self-fulfillment) 

c) with over 200+ predictors 

Given that well-being is a complex phenomenon, we acknowledge that there could be a million explanations behind your individual well-being results. Through our Smart Well-being Assessment, 

Quan identifies reasons why you may be scoring low in a specific area. These are called well Derailers. 

For example: these are some well-being Derailers in the individual context. In this case a low sense of purpose, high levels of cravings, and low levels of body appreciation seem to be negatively impacting this individual’s well-being. The reasons proposed for this are future job insecurity, employment insecurity, and increased focus on cravings. Identifying possible Derailers enables you to pinpoint behaviours that are not contributing to enhancing your well-being.