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Team Lead welcome video

Quan well-being journey: why well-being is important, how long the journey takes, and what a role of a TL is.

Video transcript.

Welcome to the very start of your well-being journey with Quan!

My name is Katya and I’ll be guiding you through your first Quan well-being cycle, through this series of videos and online content that will be showing up regularly in your email inbox.

In this first cycle, we promise not to overload you with all the science of why well-being is important or expect you to become a well-being expert overnight. In Cycle 1, our main goal is to empower you and your team to be more comfortable talking about well-being, and about how it affects the way you work together.

Quan knows that each of you are coming to this topic from a different perspective and a different past experience. And that’s ok!

The most important thing to keep in mind as we embark on this journey together is that there is no one path to well-being.

So maybe you’re thinking “why exactly do I need well-being training?”

Because as a manager - or in Quan-speak, a “Team Lead” - you are a critical link between your organization and the individuals on your team. You play a unique role in your team’s success, and we want to give you the tools you need to create a sustainable perspective to achieve that success. 

Balanced well-being is the foundation that allows you to function sustainably, without slipping into burnout. Succeeding at the expense of your own or your team’s well-being is one of the biggest factors that make people leave their jobs, but we see you - we know you might feel stuck between that proverbial rock.

While studies and headlines are constantly proclaiming that the most common reason people leave a job is a bad manager, at Quan we wanted to unearth a more human level of what is meant by a “bad manager” because we know managers are not superhumans, nor can we expect them to be - and more importantly we want to pave the way to start changing that narrative and stop pointing fingers.

The Pandemic has given us the opportunity to reconsider a lot of the practices that we considered the status quo at work. As many of us moved into work-from-home setups, two things happened:

Firstly, we lost those casual to catch up moments with people around the coffee machine or in the lunchroom, meaning we lost so many opportunities to pick up on non-verbal queues on how others are doing,

And secondly, the line between personal and work life blurred as kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms became our make-shift offices, work moved into our heads, and our personal lives interjected themselves into our work - and yes, we all heard that colleague when they forgot to mute themselves.

Now more than ever we’re struggling to find our way around in a new reality of now-you-do-now-you-don’t go to the office with each new wave of public health guidelines and restrictions. Companies are trying to figure out what hybrid work even means, and we’re all trying to keep a little bit of balance and sanity through all the constant change - and on some level, it’s burning us all out.

All this systemic burnout is driving turnover, and it’s costing you and your team BIG.

Quan gives you a way to get in front of the vicious cycle of burnout and employee churn.

We do that by helping you navigate 3 levels of employee well-being: individual, team, and organization.

Quan will guide you through a journey that gives you time and space for meaningful team check-ins, and the tools to do it in the “golden middle” - neither avoiding the topic of well-being completely nor feeling pressured to overshare.

And we’ll help you put everything in its place - Quan gives you the tools you need to understand which dimensions of well-being you and your team are struggling with the most, and what you can do to improve them.

It’s time to stop trying to cure a lack of balance at work with fruit bowls, or high levels of uncertainty with yoga classes.

We invite you to visit support.quanwellbeing.com, where you can also find answers to a lot of the questions you might still have.

And if you’d like to dive into understanding your team’s well-being journey faster than this guided email-based program takes you, you’ll find plenty of helpful articles there too. Or feel free to reach out to our support team as well.

We’re excited that you and your team are taking this step with Quan towards more balanced, engaging, and meaningful ways of working, by placing well-being at the heart of success.