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How to read my individual results?

Here we will walk you through how to read and interpret your individual well-being results. 

The first section of your individual results shows your top 3 Well-Being Strengths and Risks, across all three well-being contexts (At Work, In Personal Life, In General). Your Well-being Strengths are three behaviours or feelings that are contributing positively to your well-being.  In contrast, your Well-being Risks are three behaviours or feelings that are detrimental to your well-being. You will also be able to see your Well-being Derailers, These are the well-being areas that are most in need of your attention, and likely the root causes of your top risks. 


If you continue scrolling, you will encounter a section called “How to Proceed”. If you click on ‘Your Path’, you will be able to explore science-based next steps recommended by Quan for improving your individual well-being. These include exercises and quick actions tailored to your individual results, specifically matched to the areas of your well-being that need the most attention.


The next section provides you with a detailed and dynamic table of all your results. This table shows your results across all three contexts (At Work, iIn Personal Life, In General), across all five dimensions (Body, Mind, Meaning, Self-Fulfillment, Social Connectedness), and across all 45 sub-dimensions

Your well-being results will range from critical (orange) to strong (blue). When no color is presented, it means that that specific dimension/sub dimension is not measured within that particular context.

For example: the dimension “Body” is only measured “In General”. Your physical well-being does not vary across contexts so it is only measured as it pertains to your generally. 


The final section of your individual results is your Well-being Path. Here you have access to more detailed information and recommendations. Your individual Path shows you:

  • Science-based interventions targeted for your specific well-being needs. These include quick actions, exercises, courses, and other resources that can help enhance your well-being. They are targeted to help address your top 3 well-being risks. 

  • A list of all well-being interventions that your company currently offers. Your employer may already offer resources and services, and if so, then we want to ensure that you are aware of them and make use of those that are appropriate to your needs. If you have any questions regarding the offers in this section, please reach out directly to your HR department or manager.

  • A list of all well-being interventions available to you in Quan, including those offered by your company as well as Quan recommended well-being content. 

Disclaimer: Quan is not a licensed therapist. If you are experiencing extreme stress, extreme anxiety, or feel intense feelings of overwhelm, please reach out to a mental health professional to discuss your individual results. 

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